What is QScore ?


QScore is a competition platform for Data Science.

It is simple, scalable and can host your competition in a minute.

It works with Node.js, Python, RabbitMQ, Redis, Auth0, AngularJS’s CoreUI and it is open source!

Why do we create QScore ?

Qscore supports a lot of users in a short time.

During the competition of “Le Meilleur Datascientist de France 2018”, we had peaks of 300 submissions in less than 5 seconds. Most open source platforms we have tested do not work under these stress.

Who use QScore ?

QScore is used by Zelros for “Le Meilleur Datascientist de France 2018”.


You can begin with the My first submission or look at the Changelog.

Now, you can continue with Installation, and become an expert with Advanced.


You can open an issue on this repository for any feedback (bug, question, request, pull request, etc.).


See the License.