Simple installation

Recommanded requirements

You should use a virtual machine with theses specifications. It is recommanded but not required.


  • RAM: 8Go
  • vCPU: 2
  • Hdd: 10Go


  • OS: Ubuntu/Debian
  • Node.js: 8.9
  • Docker: 18.03-ce (with docker-compose)

Get your Auth0 credentials

See Get credentials.

Remember your Domain, Client ID and Identifier.

Clone the repository

Clone the QScore repository:

git clone

Go in the qscore directory:

cd qscore

Configure parameters

Go in the deployment/simple directory:

cd deployment/simple

Copy the configuration template:

cp variables.example.env variables.env

Fill the missing parameters in variables.env:

Parameter Description Example
AUTH_PLAYER_ISSUER Use Domain from Auth0. Template is: https://<domain>/
AUTH_PLAYER_JWKS_URI Use Domain from Auth0. Template is: https://<domain>/.well-known/jwks.json
NG_QS_AUTH_PLAYER_AUDIENCE Use Identifier from Auth0
NG_QS_AUTH_PLAYER_DOMAIN Use Domain from Auth0
NG_QS_AUTH_PLAYER_REDIRECT_URI Use your server URL like http://<your server url>/callback http://localhost:3000/callback
AUTH_ADMIN_SECRET Use a random string FgkqZ41Qlal410q40calw412SQSF

Load the environment

Go in the deployment/simple directory:

export $(cat variables.env | grep "^[^#]" | xargs)

Deploy the project

Go in the deployment/simple directory:

docker-compose build
docker-compose up -d

Connect to the interface

See Connect to QScore.

Make yourself an admin

See Be an admin.

Create your first competition

See My first competition.